Sunday, January 23, 2011

Arthur and Zach

There was a great bang. Nobody heard it. Arthur heard it. Zach reacted. Nobody was sure whether it's real or not . I liked it. A bang at the start makes me feel like the narrator with booming voice.

"It's a dream. I am going to wake up any minute now" thought Arthur.
It was not a dream. I did not wish my characters to think that my imagination is their dream. Arthur woke up. He rubbed his eyes and slapped himself hard. I was happy

Well getting back to the bang let me proceed with the story. It's not everyday that the characters you make up have a say in how the story proceeds. What's the fun in being a writer then.

" You are going to miss the bus , Zoe. Move it now !!!" yelled Arthur. Zach scratched a bit.
" Who the hell is Zoe?" I wondered.

Zoe was Arthur's 8 year old daughter. I was surprised and angry. Surprised because this was my story and no character got created without me creating it. Angry as Arthur seemed to have found a will of his own.

"It's all good!!" I calmed myself. Arthur looked me in the eye. I wished to make peace. I could have bought Mount Everest on top of him but was not sure where to take my story from there. Zoe was pretty like any 8 year old. She was all set up in her little checkered uniform complete with bag, lunch bag and water bottle.

"Bye Daddy" chimed Zoe as she boarded the bus. Maybe the bang must be the loud honking of big yellow bus.

It was a nice day. Warm and sunny. A nice breeze flowing over the garden nearby bought the fresh whiff of air. Arthur stayed there for a moment. " I am going to enjoy this day. I am going to enjoy this day come what may!".

I cleared my throat. I expected a reaction from him. I am your creator. I did not sense a tone of request or prayer in what Arthur said. Arthur went back in.

"Did you actually go till the school to drop Zoe off??" inquired Holly, rather sternly. I smiled. Arthur snapped as if he head heard a ghost. " Who the hell are you?? " Arthur stammered.

" Meet your wife, son" I whispered.

"Take Zach out before he pees all over the house" came another round of orders.

Pretty soon both master and dog were out. There was nothing better any one of them could have done at that moment. I felt content.

What I was feeling after doing this was well in the spectral range between benevolence and ruthlessness. Another day another way.

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