Friday, December 24, 2010

The last week of the year

The thing with getting old is that you that like to look back. The more you old you get the more you like to look back because the more there is to see. Well, let me get to the point. the last week of the year generally tends to unfold the same way every where. The anticipation of the new and the reality of the past often puts people in decisive mode.

It's been 3 score years on this planet and I still feel sometimes that I have not drafted a course that I can look back at and figure out where this will lead to. Life it seems has its own course that we are following. It's not destiny but I am sure there is some amount of control that we are not aware of. Is it God or is it chance?

Well I am more philosophical than I used to be (Another definite sign of getting old) but I can't help wonder. Solomon the wise king of the old testament lamented " Everything is vanity, vanity of all vanities". I feel the same (Of course that does not put me in the same league ;-)). It definitely helps to see what have we done for the year that is not vanity. What should we do to control the controllable outcome of our actions. Perhaps its time to to submit ourselves to the higher power within us to discern what truly will hold and create a course.

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