Saturday, June 5, 2010

The carrot at the end of the stick…

I consider this to be the greatest invention that man has made. Think about it. This is one single big invention that is keeping the wheels in motion. This is one biggest invention that is the fuel for the one single emotion that has kept everybody going; Hope. That emotion that keeps us all going and telling us that whatever we are running after is just round the corner while the fact is that you are as far from it as you were when you started. We mistake the occasional sway of the carrot to inspire us to stand up and move.

Who has tied that stick onto us? Who has decided that if the carrot were handed out to us we would be sitting ducks and there will be nothing left to run after? Who my friend, who? Well as it as said by many great people who came before us it is you. It’s you who decide that you don’t want you carrot. You want your carrot tied to a stick which is at a distance more than your reach to ensure that you can just touch it with the tip of your index finger but never grasp it. It’s your subconscious mind which thankfully is involuntary and decides what you need to run after? So get up and run. If you are lucky you might just get a whiff of the sweet smell that it emanates when you are running in top gear.

Now what is the greatest kick in the butt invention handed out to humans. And the answer is the horizon. Well just when we thought we knew it all and we reached there we found that what we claim to know or what we were staring at was just a horizon. There is a vast sprawling sky of unfathomable knowledge that just overwhelmed few who understood it. Are our quest to be be God and know everything ever going to be fruitful. No never; It’s the carrot at the end of the stick that has been placed so firmly on our back. The delicious red and juicy carrot that is beckoning each one of us.

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