Tuesday, April 13, 2010

Creating Inertia

While thinking about many things that I think this one little thought popped up in my mind. Why is it so difficult to change? My mechanical degree in engineering immediately supplied me the answer. Inertia. Its not just a an intangible phenomenon that keeps a gyroscope alive. Its the restraining force that resists change.

But then the almost the next moment I argued that Inertia is not just a restraining force but a balancing and guiding force. I wish to be at a certain level. To reach there I have to overcome the inertia at my current level. Once I reach the level that I need to be I can relax only when the Inertial force will keep me at that level. Else almost immediately back to my current level. So to be at whatever level we need to calculate how much inertial force we need to overcome. A great philosopher once said " We are what we do; Excellence therefor is not an act but a habit". I think he was also alluding to creating inertia.

PS: While googling for the term "create inertia" I came across this blog of my former company. http://www.infosysblogs.com/ea/2010/01/transformation_inertia_and_ent_1.html. It talks about the same thing but more in the context of Trasnformation @ an enterprise level.

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QuestionEverything said...

Habituated behavior is hard to change, just look at cigarette or drug users trying to quit. If habits are inertia, then is performance velocity?