Tuesday, November 15, 2011

Dichotomy of Fame

Since the music of Rockstar has released I have must listened to the entire album atleast 50 times. The album is incredibly deep and Mr. Rahman never ceases to surpass himself. While enough has been written about the popular numbers sung by Mohit Chauhan , there are few other hidden gems too. The two instrumental tunes that are equally brilliant are the Tango for Taj and Dichotomy of fame.

Dichotomy of Fame is a beautiful layered song with a classical guitar and nadaswaram. The subdued plucks of the nylon string adds a wonderful life to the soulful sound of nadaswaram. The way these two instruments alternate as lead instrument is seamless. You can almost visualize a spanish beauty swaying to the music. The melody of nadaswaram seems heard before but the guitar's backing sound gives the song a unique feel. And as it is with many songs of Mr. Rahman the diverging melodies resonate into a brialliant finale as sound progresses. You just think that this is how its meant to be.

All you guitarists/keyboardist's this is a wonder song to transcribe

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