Monday, March 29, 2010

The empty erudite

Duan McLblitz was distraught. Human spirit maybe strong in fables and self help books but the things you are accustomed for decades better not change when the spirit lives in a body that loves the idea of inertia. The highly chatty brain was brimming with quotes to match the emotion. The one thought that kept popping up every third beat seemed to sound like “Ignorance is bliss”

Duan was a self made man. He was born in times where you don’t want to know about. He was born in a country you don’t talk about. His childhood was spent in coal mines and dark alleys. Although not being able to afford a pair of clean clothes his love for books and things he could not understand was indefatigable. A group of old heads were all the education that he had and he lapped it up like a panting dog presented with ice cream. In no time he was part of that group and learned to talk about everything under the sun.

Jeff, Duan’s grandson had casually remarked “Grandpa, all the things you used to tell about meta physical aspects of Universe and their unintended effect on the rationality of economic sustenance of the world is being made into a song by Pussy Cat Dolls”. He had a twinkle in his eyes and Duan knew that he did not understand a word of what Jeff said. For the first time since he could not remember whence Juan was not able to understand and counter spoken words. He closed his eyes and wished for the first time his head would go to sleep.

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